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Our beers are Fine Handcrafted using a range of ingredients and good old Yorkshire water, to create different styles and strengths. Everything is made by hand, including the mashing of the grain, which is all done without a machine in sight and lots of hard graft. Below is a selection of our expanding range of beers, ranging from those that are regular to more seasonal.


3.7% Blonde
Single hopped Blonde using British hop Endeavour. Blackcurrant, loganberry and spice notes best describe the aroma. A wonderful grapefruit and lime flavour, but not too overpowering, with a slight bitterness. Easily quaffable.
Tasman Bay
3.8% NZ Pale
First Impressions are a very pale ale. Tasman Bay is single hopped with the extremely versatile Motueka hop, it has a lively fresh lime flavour followed by a tropical fruit and lemon zest. Big citrus notes dominate a slightly bitter brew with a long last finish.
3.9% NZ Pale
A nod to the southern hemisphere, this uber smooth triple hopped pale has been brought together with a delicate balance of Pacific Gem, Motueka and Rakau all from New Zealand. Refreshing bitterness, with citrus and pine aromas, subtle lime background with a bold fruitiness. 
Goldy Locks
4% Blonde 
Made using Pale Crystal malt, giving a delicate toffee aftertaste. Cascade aroma hop provides a refreshing citrus flavour.
Hop Shot
4% Blonde 
Fully loaded Hop Shot of US Citra hop. Smooth and floral with a citrus aroma and flavour. Strong hop kick while allowing solid flavour to come out. 
4.1% Pale
Using the very best American Azacca hop, named after the Haitian God of Agriculture. Taste is slightly bitter with citrus, mango and pine characteristics in flavour and aroma.
Dr Rudi
4.1% Pale

Dr Rudi is a single-hopped very pale New Zealand ale. Brewed using a combination of pale malts and wheat malt which gives it its pale appearance and a smooth malty backbone, the Dr Rudi hop provides fresh citrus notes beneath a mix of pine and lemongrass aromas and delivers a clean, crisp bitterness in the aftertaste. A super refreshing and moreish ale.    

Session IPA
4.2% Indian Pale
A combination of American hops in the kettle, then dry-hopped in the fermenter to add depth. Our session IPA has sharp citrus and spicy notes.
Bantams Gold (Special)
4.2% Golden 
This golden ale is brewed using a combination of East Kent Goldings and Saaz hops, giving smooth earthy flavours with a little of honey and pleasant subtle herbal and spice overtones and a hint of caramel in the back taste. Award Winning.
4.3% New Zealand Gold 
A golden ale single hopped with the New Zealand Rakau hop. Beautiful tropical notes in the nose, with overtones of soft apricot and fresh orchard fruits; then dry hopped in the fermenter bringing a further intensity of aromas to the beer. Finishing with a fruity but slight bitterness on the palate.  
4.4% Golden 
Golden colour, made using Pale Crystal and Rye malts producing a subtle malty base. The Centennial aroma hop gives a delicate floral and tangy aftertaste.
4.5% American Pale
A triple hopped American pale, brewed using Chinook, Centennial and dry hopped with Mosaic hops. Golden in appearance with flavours of citrus, pine and spice. A bitter and tart dry finish.
4.6% Pale
A pale golden bitter brewed as a single hopped ale with this US hop Mosaic. Aromas of fresh tropical fruit and pine, with notes of citrus and herbs fizzing on the palate; a slightly dry finish. Award winning.
5.3% Bohemian Pilsner
This cask conditioned Pilsner is fermented at a very low temperature to produce a clean crisp Bohemian Pilsner. We have hopped with Magnum to produce a slight bitterness and with Czech Saaz for a very mild, earthy, herbal and spice aroma.
5.4% American Pale
A blend of Chinook, Crystal and Simcoe hops make this American Pale Ale slightly spicy with distinct piny notes with an aroma of grapefruit and a hint of apricot.
North-South Divide
5.9% Pale
Magnum hop has been used for bittering of this high strength pale. Citra and Mosaic hops from the Northern Hemisphere have been carefully blended in the fermenter with Waiti and dry hopped with Razau from NZ to produce a hop bomb, with a superb moreish flavour and dry long lasting finish.
Big Dipa
7.5% Double IPA
A robust New Zealand Double IPA with a hop profile to knock your socks off! Rakau, Pacifica, Wai-ti and Southern Cross hops blended; dry-hopped with Rakau for an extra punch. Apricot, orange, lemon and lime and tropical fruit flavours zing over the palate. A lasting moreish finish. Unfined and naturally hazy. (V/Ve)



Bingley Bitter
3.9% Bitter
Teak in appearance and brewed using a select blend of five malts.
Saaz, Magnum, Bullion and Goldings hops give this true Bitter an initial citrus aroma that gives way to a full palate and a dry, bitter finish.
The Time is Rye 
4.1% Rye Mild
A blend of Crystal, Chocolate and Rye malts have produced a dark chestnut coloured mild. Whilst slightly a bitter, a tinge of honey and blackcurrant can be found from Goldings and Bramling Cross hops.
Steady State
4.2% Best Bitter
A blend of chocolate and crystal malts give a smooth caramel and toffee flavour, whilst the East Kent Goldings and Willamette hops bring a floral and sweet aroma with a tinge of elderberry.
Old Mill
4.2% Stout
Smooth and creamy, made with roasted malts giving a chocolaty taste. (V/Ve)
4.6% Red Bitter
Robust Ale, containing only English hops, Challenger gives a full-bodied rounded bitterness and Bramling Cross provides notes that are spicy with blackcurrant and citrus.
4.8% Stout
Creamy, made with roasted malts giving a taste of chocolate and liquorice. Northern Brewer hop gives a pleasantly bitter finish. (V/Ve)
Moo Moo
4.9% Milk Porter
A blend of Chocolate and Dark Crystal malts gives this Porter a superb silky dark appearance. The East Kent Goldings hop brings an earthy and honey flavour to the beer, organic cocoa adds a wonderful depth of chocolate and lactose gives a velvety milky texture and mouthfeel, all rounded off with Madagascan vanilla. (V)

5.5% Indian Brown Ale
Super smooth, gorgeous mid to dark brown ale with a brilliant shiny appearance. Brewed using a blend of roast barley, chocolate malt and base malt. Hopped with Columbus & Mittlefruh. Aromas of chocolate, coffee and spice with a hint of fruitiness. Flavours of blackcurrant, chocolate and citrus. 

Lock Keeper
5.7% Porter
A smooth dark Porter. Brown malt gives smoothness, coffee and chocolate tones. Bramling Cross hops adds spice. A true winter porter. (V/Ve)

Seven Dials
6.5% Black IPA
Vienna and dark malts give a sweet burnt toffee flavour blended with an essence of smooth coffee. A mix of triple hops brings a unique aroma of spice, citrus and pine to this Black IPA. (V/Ve)

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