6.0% Alt Bier

This dark Westphalian Sticke Altbier was made in collaboration with Eyes Brewing of Leeds. Brewed using wheat malts, a crisp body has been achieved through fermenting at a low temperature. Malty and fruity flavours can be found and noble hop aromas, with a wonderful subtle oakiness from the addition of French Oak chips to the cask.

5.5% West Coast Red IPA

Redneck, a 5.5% West Coast Red IPA created in collaboration with Hooded Ram, is brewed using a blend of Pale, Munich, Red Crystal and Wheat malts that provide a wonderful sparkling ruby coloured ale. With a super selection of hops and there’s a few! Magnum, Amarillo, Chinook, Cascade and Mosaic give a citrus hit, intensified through dry hopping Summit and the new American hop Loral. Finished off with a smooth, malty backbone.