Bottled Beers

Our bottled beers are perfect for enjoying in comfort at home or at parties and gatherings. 500ml in size, they come in packs of 12 or can be bought individually. 

Pack of 12 – £20
Individual bottle – £2

Goldy Locks / 4.0% / Blonde

Goldy Locks was named by Darren’s wife, it worked as soon as she said it. It’s nothing to do with bears and porridge! The Locks are a reference to the 3 and 5 rise canal locks. Goldy Locks is brewed using good old Yorkshire water. Quality pale and crystal malts give the beer a delicate toffee aftertaste and cascade hops provide a refreshing citrus fragrance.

Centennial / 4.4% / Gold

Centennial, a Golden Ale, is brewed using good old Yorkshire Water. Pale crystal and rye malts produce a subtle malty base while the Centennial hop gives a delicate floral aroma and tangy aftertaste.

Jamestown / 5.4% / American Pale Ale

Jamestown is a nod to the endeavour and determination of the settlers who landed and created the 1st British colony in the Americas in 1607. Jamestown is an American pale ale brewed using good old Yorkshire water. Pale, crystal and Munich malts provide the backbone whilst Chinook, Crystal and Simcoe hops provide the hop kick giving notes of grapefruit and apricot. 


Mosaic / 4.6% / Pale

1848 / 4.8% / Stout

Blantyre / 5.0% / Ruby